Pathway Christian Academy (PCA) was formed on December 19, 2011, in response to the closing of another school located nearby. Parents and teachers were given no warning or opportunity to discuss options that might keep that school open. Letters were mailed to parents just a few days before the already scheduled day to dismiss the students for the Christmas break. In that letter, parents were told not to come back after the holidays, as there would be no school to return to. Teachers were notified in a hastily called meeting that they would soon be unemployed.

Our goal was to open the school on the same day the students were to have returned from the Christmas break. We missed it about a week. We were faced with many challenges. The greatest one turned out to be getting approval from the city of Fort Worth to rezone the building we had just leased from commercial to educational. With the help of an architect friend who had many years of experience dealing with zoning issues, we were able to expedite the process. We were not able to get the final approval for our first day of school of January 9th. So for that day we had school at a local church. School in our new facility began on January 10th.

We began with three full-time teachers who were layed-off by the school that had just closed. Most of our students we started with came to us from that same school. All in all, we went from no school to a new school in about two weeks time.